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Rinci is a small company in the Marche which proposes top quality gastronomic delicacies. Luca, Francesco and Alessandro, young Rinci proprietors, have got an ambitious aim: offer new flavour and unique sensory experiences drawing on their expertise and originality to reinterpret traditional dishes made with simple and healthy ingredients. Because Rinci is: meraviglie di gusto.

Rock Samphire is a spontaneous grass which borns and grows between the rocks in front of the sea.
In the Conero Rivera area this grass called paccasassi which literally means to break the rocks is a very traditional, typical food and pride of Conero area.

Sea fennels have a very particular taste and they are a great combination with fresh bread, bologna, anchovies. Futhermore, they give a special touch in salad and fish.


Rock Samphire, or sea fennel after harvest are conserved in extra vergine olive oil: this food is a very typical one in Conero area.

Sea fennels trade started from ancient years until to 1800 all around. Europe. Even Shakespeare writes about rock samphire in King Lear opera.

This aromatic grass is very rich of vitamin C and this is the reason why lots of sails man used to eat it to prevent scurvy.

Due to not controlled harvest rock samphire started to disappear along the European coast. Still today in the Conero Riviera area sea fennel is considered a protected plant.


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