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Bee is at the heart of the project. We cannot think not to protect the bee if we want to produce honey. We start from the microscopic to arrive at the macroscopic . And it is a global commitment.

In order to explain Giorgio Poeta’s products the best way, we need to keep in mind three focal points, namely, environment, quality, bee wellness as well as respect for tradition. A traditional beekeeping practice, at the same time with a pinch of innovation, a healthy environment for everyone, a respected and happy bee. These are the three key ingredients of products made by “Giorgio Poeta”.

Our company has been awarded with the Agriculture Oscar in the “innovation” category for having created “Il Carato”, the only honey in the world aged in barrel.

400 beehives spread throughout the country, close to plantations of top quality, which also makes Giorgio Poeta’s honey special.

70.000 bees and just one single queen bee in a beehive each season. A worker bee lives about 50 days, the queen bee lives up to 5 years.

60.000 round trips from the flowers to the beehive. Each bee travels 150.000 kilometres, almost 4 times around the globe.

225.000 flowers visited by the bees in a day in a single beehive. Each beehive picks up the nectar covering 3.000 hectares, more than 4.000 football fields.


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