Cicerchia gr.500 Cicerchia gr.500
Cicerchia gr.500

Lentils Gr. 500

La Bona Usanza

Lentils, already known in ancient times in the Middle East, belong to the leguminous family. Rich in proteins, fibers and minerals, they are considered a precious food, easy to cook and that can be used in different recipes. The small dimension and the colorful ones are preferable, since they indicate the richness of minerals such as iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

The lentils of Serra de' Conti are cultivated by a traditional method without pesticides. They are grown on the Marches Apennines at over 500 mt. altitude, in clayey land with small rocky elements.

Small, soft, tasty, healthy, energetic, they have a delicate flavor and they can be cooked without preventing soaking, which is advisable anyway.

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