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MAKEINMARCHE Srl – Italy (MnM) E-commerce. When you visit or purchase on www.makeinmarche.eu , you use MnM products and services, Mnm application for mobile devices or services provided by MnM according a previous related activity. MnM provides you the following sales and terms conditions.



Consider the following terms conditions before you use MnM Services. Using Mnm services you accept the underlying general sales conditions. We offer you a wide range of Mnm services and sometimes you could be subject to a further sales and terms conditions. In case of a MnM service (for example: your profile, gift cards, MnM application for mobile devices), you will be subject to terms, to guidelines and to general conditions related to that specific MnM service. In casy of conflict between these general sales conditions and terms of service, these last ones will prevail.



Consult our privacy policy and our policies concerning Cookies and Internet Advertisement that guide you during your use of MnM services, in order to understand our procedures.



When you use MnM services or you send us an e-mail, sms, or other messages from your pc, or your mobile device, you are communicating with MnM by electric means. We can communicate with you by several ways, for example by e-mail, sms, app-notices , loading posts on our web-site or communication by other MnM services, like our central communication. Except these specific obligatory legislation to these contract purposes, you accept to receive our communication by electric means and you recognize that all the contracts, notifications, and the other communication that we provide you by electric means, satisfy the written requirement, when laid down by law.



All the contents available by MnM services in a textual and graphical form, logos, icons, images, audios, digital downloads, database and software, are Mnm property and they are protected by Luxemburg and International laws according copyright and database rights.

It is not allowed reuse systematically part of MnM service without the expressed written consent of MnM. Especially, it is forbidden data mining, robot or similar acquisition and extraction systems to take (once or more times) to reuse any substantial part of any Mnm service without our expressed written consent. You can’t create or advertise your database that will reproduce substantial parts (for example prices and product list) of Mnm service without expressed written consent of MnM.



Graphic material, logos, headings page, icons, services brands included or available by any Mnm service are brands and distinctive marks of MnM. MnM brands and distinctive marks can’t be used with products or services that don’t relate to MnM, in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding among the customers and to avoid possible Mnm denigration. All the other brands not of Mnm property that appear in any Mnm service are property of their respective owners, that can be less related, connected to MnM or sponsorized by Mnm.



MnM services and accessibile functionalities by these services are protected by one or more licenses of Mnm property. Mnm services use total or partial licenses according permits (Click here to check a license list of Mnm properties and the ones licensed to Mnm).



On condition that you comply with these Terms of Use, the Terms of Service and that you pay any applicable fee, Mnm or its content suppliers grant you a limited license, no-exclusive, no-transferable and no-sublicensee to access to Mnm Services and make it personal and non-commercial use. This License does not include any right to resell or commercialize any Mnm Service or its contents, or even the right to collect and use descriptions or prices of product lists, make a derivative use of Mnm Services, make any kind of downloading or copying account information to benefit another seller or using data mining, robots, or similar acquisition and extraction devices. All rights not expressly provided by these Terms of Use or Terms of Service are of Mnm property or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, owners or other service providers.

It’s not possible reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit or use for any commercial use Mnm service without our express written consent. It’s forbbiden to proceed with the framing or use technical framing to appropriate illegitimately of any brand, logo, o any information of Mnm property (included images, text, page settings or formats), without expressed written Mnm consent. It’s not possible to use any tag o any other hidden text using Mnm name or Mnm brands without our expressed written consent. You can’t use improperly Mnm services, you can use them exclusively within the limits provided by the law. The violation of these terms will lead to the suspension of the authorization or the license provided by Mnn.



If you use Mnm services, you must keep private your account, your password and you must check the access on your pc and on your devices and accept, to the extents allowed from the law, to be considered responsible about your activities that will be done through your account and your password. You are committing to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure that your password is safe and reserved and you are committing to inform us immediately in case you think that any third party could be aware of your password, or in case your password is, or is going to be, used without authorization. Be sure that the data you provide us are correct and complete; you have to communicate us immediately all changes about information provided. You can access and update most of the information provided in the section “My account” of the website.

You aren’t allowed to use Mnm Services 1) to cause interruption, damages or malfunction to our services and its functionalities, 2) for fraudulent purposes and illegal activities, 3) to disturb, or create prejudice.

In case of violation of the law and these conditions, we reserve the right to prevent the access to the website or to Mnm services, to suspend or close an account, to remove or modify website contents at our discretion.



It is allowed to publish reviews, comments and other contents, to send electronic cards or other communication and submit suggestion, ideas, questions, o other information, as long as the content isn’t illegal (abusive, indecent, threatening, slanderous, that doesn’t violate privacy and copyright, that can’t be offensive towards Mnm or third parties, that doesn’t have virus, political propaganda, commercial strain, chain letters, or other spamming). You aren’t allowed to use a fake e-mail address, to pretend to be someone else, or to lie about the content origin. We reserve the right (without any obligation to operate in absence of a complete notice form ) to remove or modify such content. If you believe that a content, or an advertisement on the website or used in Mnm services, has a slanderous meaning or that one of your intellectual property rights has been violated from an article or information included on the website or used in Mnm services, we invite you to fill in the form and send us the notice, we will provide to solve promptly.

Ifyou decide to send contents or materials, unless otherwise our instructions, you allow Mnm to: a) no exclusive right, free, transferable to third parts , to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivatives, supply and show in each part of the world these contents through any communication mean and b) to its licensors and licensees, the right to use, at ones own discretion, your username related to them. Your moral rights should be preserved. You accept that these rights granted to Mnm, are irrevocable for the entire duration of intellectual property related to these contents and materials. You agree with all the activities essential to improve each right given to Mnm, included the subscription of documents and certificates, at our request.

You state and grant to have, personally or in any other way, the property or anyway the availability of each right related to the content of what you publish; that on the date of publishing: 1) the content is accurate and pertinent; 2) the use of the content that you provide doesn’t contrast with policies and guide lines applicable to Mnm and that this use doesn’t cause prejudice to the third parties. Except the case where possible responsibilities are related to the missing removal of illegal contents following the reception of a notice form you committee to indemnify Mnm from all the illegal action by the third parties, or related to the content and material provided by you.



Mnm respects intellectual property rights of third parties. If you think that your intellectual property rights have been used illegally, follow our procedure to report these violation.



In addition to the General Terms above, the software (included possible updates/upgrades and their related documentation) that is at your disposal during the Mnm services (Mnm oftware) is subject to the terms that you find on additional terms for Mnm software.



Mnm allows to third seller to offer for sale their products on the website www.makeinmarche.e. All the pages related to the product descriptions specify if the product is sold from a third party. As commercial website supplier, Mnm facilitate the transaction that exist in the website, but it’s not part of the sale contract of the goods sold by these third sellers. Therefore Mnm alienates this contract, that exists exclusively between the purchaser and the seller. Mnm is not responsible for the proper execution of the sale contract, and it doesn’t operate in any way as agent for the seller. The seller is the only responsible for the sale of products and the management disputes with the buyer. To make the purchase more safe, Mnm offers to its users an additional warranty.



Individuals, who aren’t part of Mnm, that manage shops, provide services or sell products on this website. We aren’t responsible of the supervision and the evaluation of these commercial operators or of the content of their websites, we don’t provide warranties on their sale proposal. Mnm cannot be faulted for actions, products or contents of third parties. You can contact and inform us when a third party is involved in your transaction and we can share all the information related with these subjects. We invite you to consult carefully their privacy policies and other terms.



We will do our best to ensure that the access to Mnm services wont’ be interrupted and that each communication occurs without mistakes. However, due to the Internet nature, the uninterrupted access without communication mistakes can’t be granted. Moreover, your access to Mnm services could be occasionally suspended or limited in order to permit repairing and maintenance works, or the introduction to new activities or services. We will do our possible to limit the frequency and the duration of these suspensions and limitations.

Mnm won’t be responsible for 1) losses that aren’t the result of our violation 2) each loss of commercial opportunity (included failed profits, incomes, contracts, presumed saving, dates, start up, costs incurred in vain), or 3) any other indirect or consequent loss, not predictable from you or Mnm, at the moment you started to use Mnm services.

We won’t be responsible for any delay or failure to obligations under these General terms if the delay or the failure come from reasons of force majeure. This directive doesn’t compromise your rights and especially your right to receive the goods purchased within a reasonable term, in other words to get a refund in case of missing delivery for unforeseeable circumstances or for reasons of force majeure. The legislation in force in some countries could be prohibit the responsibility limitation actually indicated. In the case this legislation are applicable, the limited responsibilities actually indicated won’t have any effect and it might be recognized further rights. No prediction here included can exclude or limit our responsibility in case of death or damages to the person, caused by our negligence our caused by fraud.


These Sales conditions are governed and must be interpreted under the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and it is expressly excluded the application of the Convention of United Nations on International Sale Contracts of Goods. You accept and we consequently accept to submit the jurisdiction not exclusive of the District Court of Luxembourg city. As a consumer you can act before the District of Luxembourg city or of the EU member state in which you live or you have a permanent domicile in order to promote a dispute in relation to these General Conditions.

The EU Commission provides a platform to solve the possible disputes online, to which you can enter trough this link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ .

In case you wish to warn us a situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.



We reserve the right to modify Mnm services, the policies, these general conditions and service terms in any moment to offer new products or other services or to adapt to new instruction and legislation. You will be subject to policies and General conditions terms in force at the moment when you use Mnm services. If any prediction about these General Conditions terms could be considered invalid or for any reason inapplicable, this condition won’t prejudice anyway the validity or the efficacy of the other predictions.



In case of your non-fulfiment to these General conditions, the non-exercise of the right to act towards you, doesn’t represent one of our surrender to act for the violation of the obligation taken.



We don’t sell prodcuts to minors. We sell products for children that can be purchased just by adults. If you are under 18 years, you can use Mnm services just involving your parents or tutors.



This website is our property, and it is managed by MakeinMarche Srl – General conditions terms related to other Makeinmarche Services can be consulted on this website.

Futher contacts:

Makeinmarche Srl – Italy

Legal residence: Via Abbadia, n.106/A – Osimo (AN)

Administrative offices: Via Pompeiana, n. 11 – Osimo (AN)

Logistics office: Via Caduti del Lavoro, n.10 – Ancona

Share capital: €10.000,00 int. Vers. – VAT registration number 02733870428 – REA AN210961

Pec: makeinmarche@pec.it



If you consider that your intellectual rights of property have been violated, you can complain and send us the Notice Form. We will reply promptly to the owners that have sent us the notice form to inform about possible violation.

When we receive the Notice Form, we can start several procedures, like for example the elimination of information or articles, without any responsibilities or prejudices of other own rights, remedy or defense, that we reserve expressly to act. Moreover when you send a Notice form, you allow Mnm the right to use, reproduce, adapt, advertise, translate, create derived action and show all around the world the content of the same Notice form through any communication mean. This include the right to send the Notice Form to the subjects involved in the predisposition of the content considered illegal. You are committee to indemnify Mnm from all the action played by third parties against Mnm that come from or are related to the Notice form.

Pay attention to the product fiches of Third Sellers: We inform you that the product fiches of Third Sellers are just stored on www.makeinmarche.eu, and they are posted exclusively according the indication of the third sellers that can be contacted from the page “Seller information”, accessible to each product fiche. Each article will be identified with the code EAN (European Article Number to which 99 countries are part), this is a numeric code composed by 13 numbers in a format read from both the direction. Notice that if you provide fake, deceptive and inappropriate information of this from to Mnm, there will be civil penalities. For any further question we invite you to consult a lawyer.


Mnm Software use: You can use Mnm software just to utilize Mnm services within the limits provided by General conditions and additional terms for this software. You aren’t allowed to incorporate a part of the Mnm software in your programs or relate them to yours, you can’t transfer the Mnm software to use it in relation to another service, or sell, rent, distribute or grant, or give any right of Mnm software.

You can’t use Mnm software for illegal aims. We can stop the Mnm software supply and we can annul your right to use Mnm software in any moment. Your right to use Mnm service will be annulled without any warning, in case you don’t respect these disposition of additional terms of Mnm service, or General conditions and Services terms. Mnm software can be subjected to the application of additional conditions and terms of third parties, contained or provided uniformly to some Mnm software, indicated on the related documentation. These rules will prevail in case of conflict with General conditions. The software used in Mnm services are Mnm property and of his software suppliers; they are protected from the United States and International laws according copyright.


Third parties use: When you use Mnm software, you might use the services provided by third parties, such as supplier of a wireless service or of a mobile telephony platform. The use of the services provided by third parties can be subject to policies, to use conditions, and to rates of these subjects.

Reverse engineering prohibition. You can’t copy, modify, decompile or disassemble, reverse-engineer or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or even alter in any way Mnm software, or promote and indulge other objects to practice these activities.

Update. To keep updated Mnm software, we can supply automatic or manual updates in any moment without notice. We invite you to read carefully these conditions before to use Mnm services. Using Mnm services, you accept wholly these conditions.



These general sale conditions regulate the product sale, and when applied, the services through the website as Mnm Srl is a seller. The product sale from third parties will be regulated from sale terms and conditions applicable from time to time. We offer a wide range of Mnm services and sometime you can be subject to further terms and conditions. In case of use of any Mnm service (for example: your profile, gift cards, Mnm app for mobile devices o Communication centre), you will be subject to term, to guide lines and to the conditions of the related service. In case of conflict between these General Sale conditions and Service Terms, Service Terms will prevail.

We invite you to read carefully these General Sale conditions before to buy any product. If you buy here you accept wholly these General Sale conditions.



The introduction of products and services on the website o through Mnm app for mobile devices represents an offer.

If you wish to buy one of more products, you can select them one by one, adding them to the shopping cart. Once that you have selected the articles you wish to buy, you can close your shopping cart placing the order. In this moment you will see a summarized page of the selected product with their prices ad their delivery details. You will be requested to choice the solution you prefer concerning the delivery, transport and payment method. In the upper side of the page, you will find “Buy now”, that you will click to place the order.

Your order will be considered as your contractual purchase proposal to Mnm for the products indicated, considered individually. When you will receive your order, we will send you automatically a message about the order taking charge (Order reception). If you use Mnm services (for example Mnm app for mobile devise) the order reception can be published in the communication centre that you can enter from the website. The order reception doesn’t represent the acceptance of your purchase proposal. When we send you the order reception, we just confirm you the reception of the order you made, confirming also its monitoring and its availability. The sale contract with Mnm Srl will end just when we will send you an e-mail or we will publish a message in the communication centre on the reception website of your purchase proposal that will contain the information related to the shipment and the delivery time (Shipment confirm). In case your order processed through more shipments, you can receive different Shipment confirmation. The charge will be at the moment of the articles included in your order will be shipped. For any further information concerning the authorization to pay, consult the related page (lg6). You can annul the order before to get the Shipment confirm, just if the order is not already ready for the shipment.
In this case you won’t charged about any cost. Although we exclude the right of withdrawal terms and conditions, following art. 2.


You accept to receive the invoice in electronic form. These documents will be available in PDF format within the section “my account” (lg7) of the website. You will be informed about the issue of the electronic invoice related to your order at the moment of the Shipment confirm. For any further information on electronic invoices and how to get the document, please consult the related page (lg8).

All the orders made on the website must correspond to the normal consumption necessities. The purchase finds its application relating the number of the products purchased with a single order, both in case of orders multiplicity related to the same product, and in the case each order includes a product quantity that corresponds to normal consumption necessities.


Without prejudice to the following regulations, you have the right to withdraw your order, without giving any justification, within 14 days from the day in which you received the product ordered (or the last product, lot in case of goods, lots or some pieces delivered separately) or from the contract end. If you charged the collection a reliable person, your withdrawal right becomes effective from the day of the product delivery to the person you choice, different from the courier.

You must tell to Makeinmarche Srl – Via Pompeiana, m.11 – 60027 Osimo (AN) Italy, the exercise of the right of withdrawal 1) following the instruction available in returned items centre, 2) using the function “contact us”, 3) using this form. In case of use of returned items centre, we will send you a notice for the reception confirm.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the communication needs to be sent before the expiry of 14 days and the product needs to be returned to Mnm through the instruction available on returned items centre online.

For any further information on the right of withdrawal and operating instructions, contact our Customer service.



You will be refund concerning the product to which you exercised the right of withdrawal, including shipment costs related to the cheaper shipment procedure offered by Mnm, within 14 days from the day we received the communication. We will make the refund by the same payment method that you used to make the order, expect other indication. We can withhold the refund until the moment we receive the product or until the moment you provide the proof you are taking care to do it. Notice that you have return the products according the instruction available on our returned items centre within 14 days from the day you communicated the withdrawal. Return costs at are your charge. You can be considered responsible for the decrease value from a good alteration (different from the necessary one in order to establish the nature, the features and the goods operation.



The right of withdrawal shall not apply to:

-         Supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery; inseparably mixed with other items;

-         Supply of goods made to the consumer’s specification or clearly personalized;

-         Service contracts after the service has been fully performed by Mnm if you agreed with the service execution from our part accepting the missing of the right of withdrawal following the full contract execution;

-         Supply of alcoholic beverages, in which the price have been agreed at the moment of the end of the sale contract, the delivery is just after 30 days, and the effective value depends on the market fluctuations that can’t be managed by Mnm


In addition to your rights resulting from the Law, all the products purchase on Mnm websites or through Mnm services can be returned within 30 days from the delivery as long as they are unused without damages. Sealed products will be accepted just if the film coating and the package are intact. Products must be returned through the available instruction on our Returned items center online.

In this case we will refund you only the price paid for the purchase. We won’t refund you shipping expenses to receive the product that you are returning (except clothing, shoes, bags purchased by Mnm). Risks coming from transport an refund costs will be exclusively at your charge. These predictions are additional and don’t undermine your rights and your withdrawal within 14 days as mentioned above.

For any further details, visit our page Return Policies.



All prices include the Italian VAT of 22% according to the law.

The information concerning the product availability is indicated in the description of each product on the website. In addition to the information provided in this page or in the rest of the website, we aren’t able to give you more detailed availability information. Please, notice that the time required to ship and delivery are just approximate and it’s not possible to consider them completely reliable. Once you receive your order, we will tell you by e-mail if the products ordered are not available.

Despite all our efforts, we can’t exclude some mistakes in the case that few products of our catalogue have a different price from the effective one. We will check anyway the prices correctness during the monitoring process with the related product shipment. In case of mistake, misunderstanding or other inconvenience, that the price indicated on the website could be inferior to the correct sale one, we will contact you to check if you wish anyway buy the product at the correct price. Otherwise your order can not be accepted. If the correct price is inferior to the one indicated on the website, we will charge you just of the exact one and we will send you anyway the product.


If the Mnm goods must be delivered outside Italy, you can be charged of Customs duties and import taxes once that the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional Customs cost will be at your charge. We have no control in these procedures and we don’t know the cost. Customs policies can vary considerably from country to country, and you should contact then, the local Customs office for further information. Be aware that, when you make your order on the website, you are considered like an importer and therefore you are required to adapt you to the legislation of the country in which you will receive the goods. Your privacy is important to Mnm and we care about the modalities with which your information concerning the order is used and shared. We would like that our International customers and the ones that ship abroad are aware that cross-border deliveries are subjected to products opening and inspection of the Customs authorities. For any further information we suggest to read Customs information.



Quick Order is a faster and easier system to order products and goods in complete safety. If you use Mnm services through a public computer or a shared device, we recommend you to turn off Quick Order when you are not at the computer.



The guarantee scheme on the products sold by Mnm, differs according the buyer nature: if it is a “consumer”, or rather a “professional” under Directive 1999/44CE pertinent “on certain aspects of the sale contract and consumer goods guarantees”.

If you buy as a “consumer”, you benefit of legal guarantee of conformity to which the seller is obliged on each product sold (Legal Guarantee).

The Legal Guarantee, ensure the goods from lack of conformity compared to the sale contract.

According to the law, in case of Legal Guarantee, you will have the right to the restoration without expensive for the conformity of the goods through repairing or replacement service, or if this would not be possible, you will have a price reduction or even the right to contract termination. Mnm is then responsible for the lack of conformity just if it occurs within 2 years from the delivery date of the goods. You must inform any lack of conformity within 2 months from the discovery.You can find further information on the procedures of Legal Guarantee, with specific cases, visiting our section Legal Guarantee or contacting our Customer Service. In case you find a lack of conformity in the purchased goods, during the period of validity of the Legal Guarantee, please contact immediately our Customer Service.

Within the constraint of the laws, Mnm is not responsible in case that the product delivered doesn’t respect the legislation of the delivery country different from the Italy one.

Mnm will not be responsible in case of late delivery of purchased goods, due to the supplier insufficient stocks.

We will not be responsible in case of little differences between acquired goods and illustration and description published on our website.

Except cases of intentional fault and serious misconduct, we are responsible for any direct damage at the moment of the end of sale contract. We will not responsible for possible losses, income foregone o any other damage not related to our non-fulfilment, or that cannot be predicted when the agreement is concluded. Mnm is not responsible about the non-fulfilment obligation of third parties that offer commercial warranties related to the sale products on the website.

Mnm approves that third sellers can present or sell their own products through the website www.makeinmarche.eu. In each page related to the sale products, we indicate if the product is sold by the third seller. As a provider of the E-commerce website, Mnm facilities transactions on the website, but it doesn’t take part of the sale contract of products sold by these third parties. Therefore, Mnm alienates the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Mnm doesn’t not bear any responsibility for the sale contract and its proper execution, and it doesn’t represent the seller.

The seller is just responsible for the sale products and he has to manage directly possible claims and problems related to the contract between the buyer and the seller, including shoulder the obligation of Legal Guarantee



These Sales conditions are governed and must be interpreted under the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and it is expressly excluded the application of the Convention of United Nations on International Sale Contracts of Goods. You accept and we consequently accept to submit the jurisdiction not exclusive of the District Court of Luxembourg city. As a consumer you can act before the District of Luxembourg city or of the EU member state in which you live or you have a permanent domicile in order to promote a dispute in relation to these General Sale Conditions.



We reserve the right to modify Mnm services, the policies, these general conditions and service terms in any moment to offer new products or other services or to adapt to new instruction and legislation. You will be subject to policies and General conditions terms in force at the moment when you use Mnm services. If any prediction about these General Conditions terms could be considered invalid or for any reason inapplicable, this condition won’t prejudice anyway the validity or the efficacy of the other predictions.



In case of your non-fulfiment to these General conditions, the non-exercise of the right to act towards you, doesn’t represent one of our surrender t act for the violation of the obligation taken.



We don’t sell products to minors. We sell products for children that can be purchased just by adults. If you are under 18 years, you can use Mnm services just involving your parents or tutors.



Makeinmarche Srl - Administrative offices: Via Pompeiana, n. 11 – Osimo (AN) Italy.

Ancona Business Register: Ancona office REA AN210961; VAT number: IT02733870428.



Visitinghttps://www.makeinmarche.eu, you are aware and you accept the procedures descripted in this privacy informative.

Owners of processing personal data

Any personal data provided or collected through operation you will do in MAKEINMARCHE.EU will be dealt from Makeinmarche Srl, as the owner of processin personal data, with headquarters in 60027 Osimo (An) Via Pompeiana, n.11- Italy.

Mnm.com Inc. engages with Statement EU-USAcooperation and Switzerland-USA union for Privacy. For further information click here.


Which customer personal data are collected on Makeinmarche.eu?

The personal dats that we receive from our customers help us to personalize and to improve continuously your purchases on the website. We use these data especially to manage orders, provide products and services, elaborate payments, communicate with you about orders, product, services, and promotional offers, update our registers, manage your account, show contents such as wish lists and feedback, and advice products and services that could be interesting for you. We use these data also to improve our shop online and our service, to avoid frauds or abuses of our website that let third parties to practice technical, logistic activities on our behalf.

Here below, some categories of personal data we collect.


Personal Data provided by you

We receive and we store any data that you put in our website or that you provide us in another ways. Click here to visualize data examples that we collect. You can choose to not give some data, but in that case you could not be able to use some of our services. We use the data you provide us to give feedback to your requests, personalize our advices to improve our offer on-line and our communication with you.


Personal data collected automatically

We receive and we store some categories of personal data every time that you interact with Mnm. For example, like most of the websites, we use “cookies” and we get some data when your web browser enter to Makeinmarche.eu or to advertisement and to other contents as reference Makeinmarche.eu on other websites.

Click here to see data examples that we receive.


Mobile devices

When you download or use app created by Mnm or by its subsidiaries and, if applicable, when you requested or agreed with the use of the localization function on your mobile device, we can receive information about your geographical position, including a unique identifier for your mobile device. We can use this information to provide you services based on localization as research result and other personalized content. Most of mobile devices allow you to disable the localization services. For any further information on how disable these services, click here.


Communication via e-mail

To monitor our communication, sometimes we ask the reception confirm of a e-mail. If you prefer to not receive e-mail from us, you can check your newsletter settings and notice preferences.


Personal data received from other sourcies.

We can receive your personal data from other sourcies and add them to the information related to your account. Click here to see examples about information we receive.



To allow our systems to identify your mobile device and to provide you functionality we use cookies. For any further information about cookies and on how we use them, consult our related page and Internet advertisement.


Are the personal data collected by Makeinmarche.eu licensed to third parties?

Personal datas of our customers are an important component of our job and it’s not our activity to license them to third parties. Therefore personal data are communicated just in accordance to the following procedures. These ones, during the activities act in a manner consistent with this privacy policy or anyway with regulation that predict legal protection similar to the ones described in this policy privacy.


Third compagnie on which we have no control

We work closely with third companies. In some cases, such as Marketplace sellers, these companies manage stores on Makeinmarche.eu or they offer product to sell on Makeinmarche.eu. In other cases, we manage shops, we provide services, or we sell product lines together or on behalf of other companies. Click here for some examples about offers joint with other companies or in co-branding. You will be able to recognize when a third party is involved on our commercial operation, and on this Mnm operation we share customer information with the third party.


Third party service providers

We use other companies and natural person that manage certain activities on our behalf. Some of them are for example: to fulfil orders, deliver packages, send traditional post or e-mail, remove repetitive information from our customer list, analyze data, provide marketing assistance, provide research results and links (including list and links to pay), make payments by credit cards and provide services to customers. These suppliers have access just to personal data that are essential to carry out their own tasks. We grant you that these suppliers can’t use data for other purposes; they have to process personal data according this privacy policy and under the regulation applicable concerning personal data protection.


Special offers

At times we send offers to selected groups of Mnm customers on behalf of other companies. In that case, we don’t provide to these companies your name and your address. If you prefer to not receive these offer, you can check your newsletter setting and notice preferences.


Transfer of holdings

Since our activity is constantly evolving, we can sell or buy shops, branches or production units. Generally, in this operation, customer personal data are part of assets that is transferred, but they remain subject to the commitments made in any previous privacy policy (unless, the customer doesn’t give expressly his consent to proceed differently). Moreover in the very unlikely case that Mnm.com property, or substantially all its assets shall licensed to third parties, customer personal data will return among the transferred properties.


Protection of Makeinmarche.eu and other subjects

We divulge data relate to the account or other personal data just in case that it is required by the law; for example to ensure respect or apply our General Use and sale terms and other agreements; or to protect our assets or rights, as well as the safety of Makeinmarche.eu, of our users or other subjects. This includes the information exchange with other societies and other organization that ensure fraud interdiction or reduction of credit risk. For sure, it doesn’t include the sale, the sharing or the divulgation in other way of customer personal data received for commercial purposes in contradiction with the commitments made in this privacy policy.


With your permission

In cases other than those mentioned above, you will be informed every time that your personal data will be communicated to third parties and you can choose if communicate them or not your personal data to third parties. Every time that personal data are transferred to companies, organizations and institutions incorporated outside the European Community, we will ensure that data will be transferred in accordance with this privacy policy and as required from the existing data protection legislation concerning data communication to third parties, as mentioned above.


Is my personal data safety granted?

We are committed to protect your personal data safety during their transmission, using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, that encrypts the information you put.

At the moment of the order confirm we see just the last four numbers of your credit cars. Of course we transmit, during the order process, the complete number of credit card to the financial institutions issuer of the credit card.

Our safety procedures implicate that sometimes you can be required about a proof of your identity before to reveal personal data.

We recommend you to adopt appropriate protection against unauthorized access to your password or your computer. Be sure that you are offline when you use a computer share with other users. Click here to see further information on how to log off.


Advertisement and link to other websites

Our website can visualize other advertisements and links to other websites. For any further information concerning advertisements on Makeinmarche.eu, including personalized advertisement or based on interests, visit our Cookies page and Internet advertisement.


Which personal data can I access?

Trough Makeinmarche.eu you have the chance to enter to a broader range of data related to your account and to your Makeinmarche.eu operation; you can see your data and, if necessary, update them. Click here to see some examples. This list will change according to the updates of our website.


Which options are at my disposal?

As mentioned above, you can choose to not provide personal data, on the understanding that the communication of them, can be necessary to make an order or to use some Mnm functions such as My Profile, Wish list, Feedback customers.

You can add or update some of these data in the section. When you update datas, we keep anyway a copy of the previous version for our records.


If you prefer to not receive e-mail from Mnm, you can check your newsletter setting and notice preferences. (You can decide to not receive from Mnm the use and sale conditions and other legal communication, such as this privacy policy. These regulations, however, will continue to regulate your Mnm use and your orders. It is your responsibility consult them and take note of eventual changes).

If you don’t want that we use your personal data that we collect to personalize the advertisements by third parties that we show you, you can check your newsletter settings and notice preferences.

The Help Menu on the toolbar of most of the browsers will show you how avoid that your browser accepts new cookies, and how to be informed when you receive a new cookie or deactivate completely cookies. Moreover you can disable or cancel similar data used by additional components of the browser, as Flash cookies, changing the settings on the additional component or visiting the producer website. Anyway, since cookies allow you to use some essential Makeinmarche.eu functions, we suggest you to leave them activated. If for example, you stop or refuse our cookies, you won’t be able to add articles on your shopping cart, proceed to the Checkout, or use any Mnm product and service that requires your registration.


Can the minors use Makeinmarche.eu?

Minors aren’t allowed to purchase products through Makeinmarche.eu. On Makeinmarche.eu are actually sold also products for children, that are meant to be anyway purchased by adults. Users, under the age of 18, can use Makeinmarche.eu just under the supervision of a parent or tutor.


Revision and Informative

If you have some doubts on the policy privacy on Makeinmarche.eu, send us an e-mail.

Our activities are constantly changing, therefore also the policy privacy and the General Use and sale terms will be subject to changes. We can send you by e-mail periodic remainder concerning our informative and General terms, unless you require to not receive them. In case you have disabled these changes, we suggest you to enter frequently our website to check possible changes. Where not otherwise declared, the actual policy privacy is applied to all personal data that we have about you and about your account. Anyway, we keep our promises and we won’t modify significantly our policies and our procedures. In case we need to change something substantially, we will inform you in order that you can express or not your consent to these changes.




Personal data provided by you

You provide us most of personal data when you are doing a research, orders, when you send messages to mailing list or discussion groups, when you take part to contests or questionnaires, or you are communicating with the Customer Service.

You provide personal data when: you are looking for a product, you are making an order through makeinmarche.eu or through one of our third parties; you provide personal data in My Account (and you can have more than one if you used more of one e-mail address when you ordered with Mnm) or My Profile; you communicate with Mnm by phone, e-mail or other way: you fill in a questionnaire or an application form for a contest; you use our services, you fill in a wish list or a gift list; you take part to discussion groups or other communities function; you write and you give your feedback, you specified a notice of special offers; you use other notice personal services such as availability delivery notices. The data you provide us are: your name; your address and telephone number; credit card information; recipient name of the orders (including addresses and telephone numbers); names indicated on the settings (with the addresses and telephone numbers) 1- Click; e-mail addresses of your friends or other people; feedback content or mails sent to Mnm; personal description and the pictures included on My Profile; and data of financial nature data.


Data collected automatically

We collect and we analyze data such as the Internet Protocol address (IP) used to connect with Internet your computer; login; e-address; password; computer and connection information such as type and browser version; and settings concerning the time difference; type and version of browser plug-in; operating system and platform; orders chronology; datas that we mix with similar information collected by other customers with the aim to create functions like “The most sold”; the path URL (Uniform Resource Locators) complete (with date and time), cookie number; the products you saw and looked for; any telephone number used to contact our Customer Service. We can use also browser data such as cookie, cookie Flash (or Flash Local Shared Objects) or similar data collected through certain parts of our website to avoid frauds and other aims. During some visits, we can use software instruments such as JavaScript with the aim to evaluate and collect information sessions including uploading page time, download errors, during the visits to certain pages, information about interaction pages (sliding, click and cursor movements on the page) and methods used to log out from the page. We can also collect technical information in order to help identify your mobile device against frauds.


Mobile devices

Most of mobile devices provide users the possibility to disable localization services. Most of the time these controls are located inside the menu mobile settings. For any further information on special mobile devices, click here. If you have questions on how disable localization services of your mobile device, we suggest you to contact your mobile operator or the producer of your mobile device.


Personal data collected by other sources

We receive data from other sources such as: updated information about delivery and address from our couriers and from other third parties; that we use to modify, update our registers and to deliver you next orders or communicate next notices quickly, account data, orders or returns information and about pages visited by some commercial operators with whom we manage determined co-branding operation or to whom we provide technical, implementing, advertising services; terms research data or related results collected after researches conducted in Internet search engine offered by our controlled Alexa Internet, research and link results, including listing to pay (Sponsored link); and data of credit nature from risk stations; that we use to offer credit and financial services to some customers and to avoid and expose frauds.


Co-brandings offers or joined with other companies.

We can, from time to time, offer products and services joined to other companies or in co-branding.


Data to which you can enter

On Makeinmarche.eu you can enter to data such as: updated information related to recent orders; personal identification information (including name, e-mail, password, communication and personalized advertising preferences, heading and settings 1-Click), payment settings (including credit card, promotional codes and statement of account information); notice and e-mail settings (including notice of products availability, special promotions and newsletter); advices (including Advices-Suggested for you and Improve your advices); shopping lists and gift lists (including Wish list such as wedding registry and baby list) , and My profile (including your feedbacks on products, your suggestion, your notices, personal profile)


Privacy: Statement Cooperation European Union – Usa and Cooperation Switzerland – Usa

Mnm takes part to Statement Cooperation European Union – Usa and Cooperation Switzerland – Usa for the privacy with reference to the collection, the use and the storage of personal information respectively from Eu Member States and Switzerland . We certified to the Usa Department Commerce that we take part to Privacy Cooperation fundamentals. For any further information about Statement Privacy fundamentals click here. We are evaluating the adhesion.

If you have questions or claims concerning our procedure for dealing your personal data in accordance with Statement Privacy , or concerning our policies on general privacy, please contact us to info@makeinmarke.eu and we will answer you promptly. If we are not able to solve efficiently your claim concerning the Statement Privacy, or if we don’t give you a reply promptly you can claim to TRUSTe society that provides an independent solving service concerning disputes based on Usa. TRUSTe undertakes to reply your claims and to provide you a proper modality for free appeal. For any further information about solving services of disputes provided by TRUSTe or to report a complaint to TRUSTe visit the related website. In case that neither Mnm nor TRUSTe solve your problem you can ask a binding arbitration on the Arbitration Committee of the Statement. For any further information click here.


As mentioned, sometimes we provide personal information to third parties in order to carry out services on Mnm behalf. If we communicate to third parties personal information received in accordance to the Statement Privacy, the access from third parties, the use and the divulgation of personal data must be done according with the Statement Privacy obligations and we will be responsible in accordance with it for every violation of these ones from one third, except the case in which we give evidence to haven’t been responsible of the event that caused the damage.

You can see our registration to Statement Privacy click here.



This form is addressed to right holders and to his representatives to report to Mnm violation, especially to brands and copyrights. If you are not the right holder or the holder representative, Mnm will not be able to manage claim with this form. We invite you to send your notification in appropriate forum:

- Sellers must send an e-mail to info@makeinmarche.eu to report other sellers, inappropriate offers, policy violation, etc.

- Buyers must use the form to report order problems, policy violation by the seller, etc, and select “An order made” in the section “How can I help you?”. Finally they must select “Problems with my order” and then “Problems with a Marketplace order” in the section “Provide more information about question”.


Notification that we do not manage

Generally we do not manage notification of alleged breaches that concern:

Violation of the codebar EAN or UPC: barcodes EAN or UPC are used to register information about the product such as price and stock.

Page property product details and restrictions on images use: when we create a page containing product information, will be always included on the Makeinmarche.eu catalogue even if the seller will have finished the stock. Moreover when you add an image protected by copyright or from other Intellectual or Industrial property rights in a page related with product details, you allow Mnm and to its members a non exclusive right, valid all around the world, free of charge, perpetual and irreversible, to pursue publishing rights on the material. Other seller can publish their sale offers on pages that you created or to which you added your images protected by copyrights or other Intellectual and Industrial property rights. Anyway we request that sellers publish their offers exclusively on product pages that correspond exactly to the articles offered by sellers. If you think some sellers published some offers on product pages that don’t correspond exactly to their articles, please send us a notification to tell it. If your image protected by copyright has been added to our catalogue without your consent, we invite you to fill in the following form.

Mnm can’t provide legal services. Anyway, for any questions concerning your rights you can independently the legal consultancy of an expert.



When the goods sold by Mnm should be delivered outside Italy, you can be subject to Customs taxes and duties, required once that goods has reach the specified destination and possible additional costs of Customs clearance will be at your charge. We no have control of these costs and we can’t predict the import.

Customs policies vary considerably from country to country. We invite you to contact the Customs local office for any further information.

Be aware that when you make orders in Makeinmarche.eu, you require the delivery in a different country from Italy, you are considered as importer and you are supposed to conform with the legislation of the country in which you will receive the goods. Before to make an order in Makeinmarche.eu, be sure that the importation of the product you wish order is not forbidden from the existing laws in the destination country. Customs offices of certain destination countries outside Europe could require to provide a specific identification number to proceed with the shipment. As importer of the pack, you and the recipient could must provide this identification number whose name can vary according the destination country. Generally, concerning International shipping Customs forms include the content value of your order with information related to the product type.

Your Privacy

According Mnm, your Privacy is important, and we know you care about the way in which information of your order are used and shared. For this reason we inform you that delivery across borders can be subject to the opening and inspection of products from the Customs authority. Moreover our couriers can communicate information about to the products included in the shipments, about Customs local office in order to facilitate Customs operations, according with the legislation of the destination country.



Each product sold by Mnm to a buyer “consumer” is assisted by Legal Guarantee on consumer goods, that covers conformity defects that shall occur within 24 months from the delivery date of the goods.


What is Legal Guarantee?

It is the guarantee on consumer goods sale provided for in Community directive 1999/44/CE, known also as “conformity guarantee” that protects you in case products you buy have conformity defects compared to the sale contract (“Legal Guarantee”).

This happens, in case that malfunctioning products can’t be used according the modalities declared by the seller or aims for which the same type products are generally used, and they don’t have the features or qualities promised from the seller or that don’t represent the use for which you decide to buy them.


What is the duration of the Legal Guarantee?

The Legal Guarantee covers the conformity defects that may occur within 24 months from the delivery date of the product you purchased, even if in that date the defect was not visible. In order to activate it you must tell to the seller the defect within 2 months from the discovery. Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that conformity defects, that may occur within first 6 months from the delivery date of goods, already existed on that date, unless this presumption is incompatible with the goods nature or with the conformity defect nature.

We suggest you to keep always the receipt of purchase that you find in the product package, with the confirm documents about shipping and about delivery.


Am I entitled to Legal Guarantee?

The Legal Guarantee is right just for the consumer, that buys product for non professional purposes. For example, if you buy a laptop exclusively for a personal use you are entitled to Legal Guarantee. If instead, you buy it to use in your professional activity the Legal Guarantee is not applicable.


To those who shall I can submits Legal Guarantee?

If you are a consumer you can submit Legal Guarantee to those who sold you the product even if it’s a different subject from the producer. For the products sold by Mnm it’s Mnm that responds. For products old by third parties, for example on the Marketplace of Makinmache.eu, the Legal Gurantee is charged to the seller, and Mnm is not responsible.


Which rights does the Legal Guarantee grant me?

If the product you purchased has a defect covered by the Legal Guarantee, you have right, without any costs, to the repairing or substitution of the defective product from the seller part. You have right to the price reduction or the termination contract in the following cases: a) if the substitution or the repairing of the product will not be possible or they are excessively expensive; b) if the seller didn’t arranged the reparation and the substitution of the product in a proper period of time; c) if the substitution or the repairing of the product caused you significant inconvenience. To establish the reduction price or the amount you have right in these cases, we consider the product use that you did. Be aware that a small defect for which it has been not possible or it is extremely expensive for accomplish the repairing or substitution, does not entitle the contract termination.

What to do in the event of conformity defect?

To receive assistance warranty on the products sold by Mnm, you can address to Customer Service, clicking here.

Operators of our Customer Service will help you to solve the problem you found in the use of the product you purchased.

If the problem comes from conformity defect, a practice will be open under your name, and we will provide you a code for the repairing or the free substitution in guarantee of the defective product. Consider that in case of substitution we will give you the alternative product within a proper term, and you will have to return the defective product within 30 days from the date in which you received our send communication of the alternative product. In the pages of our Returned items on-line you will find information about how to print a personalized tag and return the product in guarantee.



Visiting Mnm website with the browser predefined to accept cookies, or using mobile devices, mobile application or other Mnm softwares, you indicate the wanting to use Mnm products and services, and you consent to the cookies use and to other technologies essential to see them, as described in this informative and in our Policy Privacy. The following section explains how to modify your browser settings, in order that you can be informed when you receive a new cookie or to consent you to disable cookies.

Cookies are identifier that are transferred on your mobile device to consent our systems to identify your mobile device and to offer you some functionalities, including the option buy with A QUIKE, Advices-Suggested for you, advertisement defined according your interests on other websites (such as affiliate Mnm websites with transmitted content by Mnm), and the possibility to save articles in your shopping card between different visits. Any reference to Mnm “websites” includes our websites, mobile devices, mobile application or other Mnm software. For any further information about the holders of the processing of your personal data, see the section Holders of the processing personal data in our Privacy Policy.


We use cookie also for other purposes, including:

-         They let identify you when you log-in our websites. In this way we can recommend you about products; let you see personalized contents, and they put at your disposal other personalized functions and services.

-         they provide you contents, including adverts appropriate to your interests on our Mnm websites and third parties ones. The advertisement defined according your interests is subject to your preferences, as describe in the following section.

-         They keep track of your preferences. In this way we can respect your preferences for example in relation to the visualization of the advert bases on interest. Usually you can manage your preferences from My account.

-         They keep track of the articles of your shopping cards.

-         They conduce researched and analysis to improve your content, Mnm products and services

-         They avoid fraudulent activities.

-         They improve security

Cookies allow you to take advantage from some essential Mnm functionalities. For example if you block or refuse our cookies, you will not be able to add articles on your shopping card, make the check-out or use any Mnm.it products and services that requires your log-in.

The Help functionality of the most of browsers will show you how to prevent that the browser accept new cookies, how to be informed by the browser about the reception of a new cookie and how to disable completely cookies. Moreover you can disable or cancel similar data used from additional elements of the browser, such as Flash cookies, modifying the additional element settings or visiting the website of the relative producer.

Both on own and managed Mnm websites and third parties ones, Mnm publishes advertisement defined according the interests using information you give us while you interact with our websites, contents or services. The advert defined according the interest, is known also as “personalized” or “targeted”, appears on your browser according the information about your activity, such as purchases on our websites, the use of mobile devices, app or software, the visits to websites exposing Mnm advert or content, Mnm tool interaction or the use of our pay services, for example the Mnm Checkout. Click here for any further details about the information we collect.


Like other on-line advertising networks we use cookies , web beacon (known also as action tag or single-pixel gif), and other technologies (jointly “cookies”). Cookies allow us to know which insertions you see, which ones you select and how you interact on oue websites and in the third parties ones. This allow us to offer you the most adapt and proper advertisement for you. For example if we know which insertions are showed to you, we can ensure that you don’t see always the same ad.

When we provide you advertisement according your interests, we don’t associate to your identity your interaction with independent websites from us.

We don’t communicate personal information to advertisers o to third parties website that publish our advert according interests, Anyway advertisers and other third parties (including advertising networks, ad-serving companies and other services suppliers that these can use) can presume that users interacting with or clicking on an advertisement or a personalized content are part of the group to which is addressed the ad or the personalized content (such as, users in a specific geographical area or users that have looked for or purchased classical music). Moreover some third parties can provide us information about you (like demographical information or websites on which you saw inserts) coming from offline sources that we can use in order to offer you proper and useful adverts.

Third advertisers and advertising companies that work on their behalf exploit the technology to visualize the inserts that appear on our website directly on your browser. When this happens, they receive automatically your IP address. They can use cookies, Javascript, web beacon, (known also as action tag or single-pixel gif), and other technologies to measure the effectiveness of their insertions and to personalize the advertising content. We don’t have access and we don’t control cookies or other functions used by advertisers or third websites, and the practices of these advertisers and third websites aren’t governed by our Privacy Policy or from this cookie page and Internet advertisement. You are kindly requested to contact directly these third parties for any further information about their practices related to the privacy.