Make in Marche or M'nm is a multichannel and multivendor marketplace that offers commercial services related to excellent high quality and certified products made in Marche Region. The major fields are Food, Fashion, Tourism, Real Estate, Manifacturing Support - Events organization on-line and off-line.
OUR MISSION is to provide, promote and market products both wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C), high quality products carefully selected with a deep local connotation.
We carry out the mission by an e-commerce service with the aim to satisfy all the customer and partners demands, with particular attention to innovation aspects and according the e-commerce rules.
The main features of Make’n Marche mission are:
- to ensure a top professional service in a virtual Marketplace;
- to make rigorous choices selecting the products exposed;
- to offer customer the best value for money;
- to provide a wide showcase in order to shop and book services comfortably from your “location”;
- to make sure availability time of products and services, compatible with customer requirements, in the least time.
The main actors in the Marketplace are:
-         Consumers, who buy regularly on-line
-         Companies interested in starting an on-line sales channel
-         Business wishing to make use of reliable and efficient technological infrastructures
-         Make’n Marche as facilitator of the interaction process between supply and demand through the E-commerce based on an efficient and effective platform with high safety standards.
The Marketplace is addressed to commercial types B2C and B2B, taking advantage of a direct sales force that operates on a larger business clientele. 
It ensures a steady relationship management with customers, offering on-line/off assistance for each kind of require.
Everything according the following steps:
Telling the tradition and the authenticity of each producer
Telling the process from the raw material until the final product
Promoting the product through the Mnm platform as well as all the most well-known platforms of the electronic market: Amanzon, Ebay etc.
Operating the development product into the digital market by social media, in order to reach a proper communication in each issue.
Join MakeinMarche project! WHY?
Because business parteners become active players of online sales;
Because if you are part of Make in Marche you get an high quality seal of Marche region; how much does it cost?
To join Make in Marche there is an annual part, for any further information don’t hesitate to contact us