Olio essenziale di Lavanda ml. 15

Olio essenziale di Lavanda ml. 15

Acqua del Conero

The essential oil extracted from the lavender plant has a balancing action on the central nervous system, being simultaneously tonic and sedative; calm anxiety, agitation, nervousness; relieves headaches and disorders caused by stress; helps you sleep in case of insomnia; Antiseptic and antibiotic, a very valid remedy in the treatment of all colds: flu, cough, cold, sinusitis, phlegm.

Antiseptic: if diluted in the intimate cleanser or in internal washing, counteracts the affections of the genitourinary system, such as cystitis.

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic: used in lotions and oils for massages, relieves the pain caused by muscular tears and rheumatism and helps in lymphatic stagnation caused by the presence of cellulite.

Healing: if it is used on the skin, even children's skin, as an excellent remedy in case of burns, wounds sores, brings relief in the presence of insect bites, solar rashes, irritations caused by jellyfish.

Childhood disorders: this is a great essence for children: colic, irritability, colds, night agitation, can be relieved by a massage on the back of the neck or on the chest with lavender essential oil or with a few drops of the essence put on the pillow or in the water of the radiator humidifiers.

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