Box Natale 30 Box Natale 30
Box Natale 30

Sweet guilty pleasure


- Caramel diamond cookie with cocoa nibs and tonka beans gr. 160 by la Golosa Officina
- Chamomille and apricot cookie gr. 180 by Frolla
- Raspberry and pear sauce gr. 140 by Rinci
- Sweet Vernaccia by Colleluce
- Italian nougat by Pasticceria Lombardi

La Golosa Officina is a laboratory where every creation becomes a taste experience. Unconventional ingredients, skilfully worked with the best artisan techniques, give life to original recipes able to surprise the small moments of pleasure lovers.

Frolla is gourmet artisan micro cookie-factory that offers "socially disadvantaged people" a path of work integration aimed at integration into society. These guys are the ones who create these wonderful solidarity biscuits, with the help of Gianluca and Jacopo, a pastry chef and a social worker.

Rinci is a small company in the Marche which proposes top quality gastronomic delicacies. Luca, Francesco and Alessandro, young Rinci proprietors, have got an ambitious aim: offer new flavour and unique sensory experiences drawing on their expertise and originality to reinterpret traditional dishes made with simple and healthy ingredients.

Pasticceria Lombardi di Osimo is an important reality of confectionery craftsmanship and a rich family tradition. The confectioner Armando Lombardi was named in 2015 pastry chef of the year by the Italian Master Pastry Chefs.

Vernaccia Dolce by Colleluce is a sparkling red wine obtained from the black vernaccia passito and pressed fresh. Vernaccia Dolce is a meditation wine, preferably eaten young, an excellent companion of baked desserts

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