Box Natale 30 Box Natale 30
Box Natale 30

The boldness


- Acacia honey with anisee star "La Stella" gr. 110 by Azienda Agricola Giorgio Poeta
- Orange and ginger sauce gr. 140 by Rinci
- Pecorino di Fossa cheese di Sogliano by Trevalli Cooperlat
- Honey beer "Carata" ml. 750 by Azienda Agricola Giorgio Poeta
- Dried tomatoes, walnuts and oregano diamond gr. 200 by La Golosa Officina
- Rosso Conero wine cl. 0.75 by Lanari
- Fabriano Salami gr. 330 by Sadifa Salumi

Giorgio Poeta is the producer of “Il Carato”, the only honey on Earth aged in barrique. For this innovation, the company has been awarded with the Agriculture Oscar. “La Stella” is obtained by dipping three stars of star anise in acacia honey.

Rinci is a small company in the Marche which proposes top quality gastronomic delicacies. Luca, Francesco and Alessandro, young Rinci proprietors, have got an ambitious aim: offer new flavour and unique sensory experiences drawing on their expertise and originality to reinterpret traditional dishes made with simple and healthy ingredients.

Trevalli Cooperlat is a dynamic and modern agrifood Cooperative company of second grade, which since its starting point, sixty years ago, has been able to build an innovative entrepreneurial model to realize a strategic plan, placing itself between best in class firms of the Italian dairy industry.

La Golosa Officina is a laboratory where every creation becomes a taste experience. Unconventional ingredients, skilfully worked with the best artisan techniques, give life to original recipes able to surprise the small moments of pleasure lovers.

The "Rosso Conero" was born in the Natural Park of Monte Conero, in the hilly vineyards of Varano, from art winemaker of a Grand Priore. La favorable position Lanari Company, which as the crow flies is only a few hundred meters from the Adriatic Sea, gives this wine particular typical characteristics.

The cooperative Sadifa Salumi was born from the initiative of ten farmers breeders of local pigs with the main purpose to produce the Salame of Fabriano and the other related typical products addressed to the national and international market.

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