Homebrew Kuma Dark Lager CL.33

Homebrew Kuma Dark Lager CL.33

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Dark, low-fermented beer, derived from the German brewing style called “bock dunkel”. This beer has a beautiful mahogany colour, clear and bright, with a solid and creamy foam releasing coffee, barley coffee and unsweetened cocoa aromas, and it is, surprisingly, easy to drink,thanks to the low-fermentation
  • Style: Dark Lager
  • Fermentation: Low-fermented
  • colour: Dark-mahogany
  • Foam: Solid, creamy, persistent
  • Alcohol : 5,6 %
  • Bitter: Balanced, toasted malts
  • Aroma: Intense; coffee, barley coffee, liquorice
  • body: Medium

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