Maccheroncini di Campofilone gr. 250 Maccheroncini di Campofilone gr. 250
Maccheroncini di Campofilone gr. 250

Campofilone Tagliatelle Pasta gr. 250

Pastificio Artigianale Lorenzo Carassai

Once upon a time, in the timeless wonderland of Campofilone, there were some wise and skilful women who made a rich and fine dough with just 10 eggs and a kilo of flour. They rolled it out carefully into very thin sheets, cut them into filaments that looked like angel hair, let them dry in the open air, in a natural way, with no haste, for a whole day and night...and magically the famous specialities of Campofilone were brought to life.

The Pastificio Artigianale Leonardo Carassai makes the same natural product, certifying all the steps in the production line, from the milling of locally grown selected wheat, the free-range Italian eggs, up to the ultimate production of pasta. That is how Maccheroncini have the same quality and authenticity as in the past, also thanks to the slow drying process at low temperature for 24 hours which confers an easy digestibility. The typical thinness and porosity are the most genuine expressions of a unique and excellent product.

Cook it in abudant boiling water for 2 minutes and dress it with traditional or innovative sauces... and you will be the protagonist of this fairy tale.

Ingredients: Durum wheat Semolina, fresh eggs (33,4%)

100% Italian wheat

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