Verdicchio di Matelica D.O.C. - Bisci

Verdicchio di Matelica D.O.C. - Bisci

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Our Matelica Verdicchio DOC wine is obtained entirely from grapes Verdicchio. The grapes are harvested by hand, it is transported immediately to the cellar where, after a soft pressing, pressed directly with horizontal presses to separate the juice from the skins. The must is lowered in temperature to separate parts fecciose and then sent to ferment controlling the temperature that never exceeds 20 ° C. All winery operations are aimed at enhancing the best features of the vine through the utmost respect of the grapes. Verdicchio of Matelica is a vine that requires extraordinary attention in the processing because of the sensitivity of their skin, but then gives musts and wines with cloth and enviable body supported by the high acidity and alcoholic richness that allow a remarkable longevity, the latter feature rare for white wines.

AppellationVerdicchio di Matelica DOC
Vineyard Extension17 ha
Number of plants/hectare3300
Average production for plants (Kg)2,7/3,0
BlendVerdicchio 100%
Vineyard age (year of planting)1978, 1983, 1988, 2016
Soil typeCalcarous, clayey
ExposureSud/ Sud-Ovest
Vinification and ageingWhite Vinification, cold decantation of the must, fermentation in glazed cement vats with temperature control (under 20°C), refined in bottle for 2 months.
ColorPale straw yellow with green reflections
FlavourFull body, savory, fresh, quite balanced
NoseIntense, typical, white flowers, green apple
Average no. bottles/year60.000/100.000
Recommended serving temperature (degrees ° C)8-10 °C
Alcohol13-13,5% Vol.
Yield in grapes/hectare (

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