Passerina IGP - La Valle Del Sole

Passerina IGP - La Valle Del Sole

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100% Passerina grapes
Medium-clayey soil
Guyot pruning system
Density of planting 3500 screws-ha
Orientation of the south-north, east-west rows
Age of vines from 10 to 50 years
Yield 60 hl-ha
Grass cover all over the surface for the whole year
No use of fertilizers
Manual collection
Certified organic farming
Geographical area Marche south - Piceno
Altitude 290 m-asl

In the basement

Soft pressing of the grapes, slow fermentation at controlled temperature, maturation in cement, aging in bottle
Certified organic wine

At the table

Light Bordeaux bottle
Capacity 750 ml
Alcoholic strength 12.5% vol.
Total acidity 5.8 gl
Serving temperature 10 ° C

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