Cicerchia gr.500 Cicerchia gr.500
Cicerchia gr.500

ONION and ARTICHOKE Gr. 130+140

La Bona Usanza


The onion of Suasa, cultivated in Castellone di Suasa and neighbouring areas in Cesano river, has been brought up again in the last decades. Very popular and in high demand , it is produced in limited quantities. With an outside copper pink colour and a purple inside, it provides a sweet taste.


The artichoke of Jesi, comes up with a compact helicodal flower head, with fully closed top, and green and purple shade. April is its blossoming period, at the end of which the harvest starts lasting about one month. Cultivated in fresh and deep lands of the Esino valley river, it is part of the typical products list of the region.

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