Let's meet up in Gent and in Verona at the Vinitaly event

April will be an amazing month for us. We are so happy to share with you our events…come meet us, we have wine!

World poetry day in Recanati: all the events

From 21st to 24th March, on the occasion of the World Poetry Day, a long series of events will be held in Recanati to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Giacomo Leopardi's "The Infinite", exceptionally exhibited in the town museum until 19th May.

Carnival arancini’s Marchigian recipe

Today we want to share with you a typical carnival recipe of our region: the arancini!

Le Marche's pasta: the Maccheroncini of Campofilone IGP

La tradizione pastaia marchigiana è infatti molto ricca e si sposa bene con le ricette rustiche che da sempre caratterizzano le Marche, influenzate anche dalle regioni vicine.

Make in Marche invited to the BIT event in Milan!

A few days ago, Make in Marche was invited to participate to the BIT, the International Tourism Exchange event.

The 3 most romantic places in Le Marche

Do you have already ordered your love menu, but would you also like to bring your soul mate somewhere breathtaking? Here are some romantic ideas to surprise your loved one, using the advantage of the beauty of Le Marche region.

A Valentine’s Day trip into Le Marche flavors

There are many gifts you can buy but Make in Marche thinks a gift always much more appreciated is the tasty one!

Detox without giving up the taste

After the Christmas binge, it is necessary to get rid of the excessive sugars and fats eaten with panettone, cotechini and tortellini pasta in broth. We know that good habits start from our eating tables, so here are some suggestions to deal with this detox period in a proper way.

The Christmas table of a real Marchigiano

Christmas in our region is rich and greedy. There are many typical dishes that characterize our Christmas, each typical of a certain area.

Santa Claus and the marchiana letter

Today we will talk a bit of Santa Claus and what to put in the little letter for him, even if you are no longer a child!

Christmas Markets in the Marche region

There is still time for the most awaited days of the year, but our region have decided to anticipate and create events, christmas villages with food and wine, and meetings with Santa!

Grass pea rediscovery, an ancient legume from the Marche region

For many years it has been a forgotten legume, until a few years ago, In 1995, a group of young people decided to start cultivating it, constituting the cooperative La Bona Usanza in Serra De 'Conti.

Christmas is coming on Make In Marche!

We are setting up our online showcase to offer you an unforgettable Christmas. A little spoiler? We have created solutions for all tastes!

September, time for "la remise en forme" - Homemade beauty

If during the summer you gave into some more vice, September is the right month for your "remise en forme" to be ready to face the new season.

"Marchigiani" of the year awarded in Portonovo

Friday, September 7 at 19.45 at the Hotel Excelsior La Fonte in Portonovo there were the 29th edition of the "Marchigiani dell'Anno" Prize, people from Marche of the year prize, and the 25th edition of the International Prize of Portonovo.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the "Doc" celebrates 50 years

The Marche vineyard, with 20 wine denominations and 17,000 vineyards hectares, has invoices for about 150 million euros per year, with an increase in exports of over 50% in the last decade.


Food, wine and niche typicality. These are the souvenirs that tourists have chosen to take home from their Italian holiday.

Prepare your skin for the sun with our tips

A beautiful and healthy tan starts on our table

Are you ready for the sun? Here’s how to have a safe sun exposure!

The sun: friend or foe? It all depends on how you expose and protect yourself.

Arcevia, the village of the nine castles.

Medieval atmospheres, artistic treasures and architectural jewels co-exist in Arcevia.

Ancona’s stock fish recipe

Every person in Ancona knows that: if there is a dish that best expresses the proud connection between Ancona and the harbor and its culinary history, that is the stoccafisso all'anconetana, the stock fish cooked according to Ancona traditions.

Aubergine burgers and Spaccasassi pesto by Rinci

Sun, wind and saltiness. These are the ingredients at the base of a great culinary excellence

Ancona’s fish soup recipe

Piatto povero, nato nel cuore del porto dorico, il brodetto all’anconetana, o brudetu

Ascoli Piceno and the Cecco’s bridge mystery

Near Porta Maggiore in Ascoli Piceno stands the oldest and most majestic bridge in the city: the Cecco’s bridge

Brodetto soup? in Marche there are 4 variations!

If there is a dish that is able to represent the tradition of the Marche's coast, that would be the Brodetto, our fish soup.

July grocery shopping

July, among the other, is one of the most generous month and it offers everything that our bodies need to endure the heat.

The wheat and the harvest in Marche region

Wheat was one of the first plants to be grown in the Mediterranean area.

Extra virgin olive oil: Earth’s gold

Undisputed protagonist of the Mediterranean diet, the extra virgin olive oil is one of the food that best represents the Marche region.

Ancona and its harbor: a love beyond time

If you say Ancona, you say harbor! An ancient and indissoluble link that tightens the Doric city to its seaport.


Il mosciolo selvatico di Portonovo, vanto della tradizione gastronomica anconetana, sarà il protagonista di Mosciolando.

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