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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the "Doc" celebrates 50 years with a +50% in export

The Marche vineyard, with 20 wine denominations and 17,000 vineyards hectares - 4,500 renovated and renewed in the last 10 years - has invoices for about 150 million euros per year, with an increase in exports of over 50% in the last decade. About 18 million bottles of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi produced every year.

Thirty-two international from 13 countries, among wine experts, including journalists, opinion leaders and managers, gathered in the homeland of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doc (the quality assurance label of italian wines).

The event was held from the 30 August to the 2 September in Jesi. It was organized by Ian D'Agata, with his Indigena project, and by Collisioni Festival, in collaboration with the Istituto Marche di Tutela Vini. The main characters were the Verdicchio producers, a wine that in the last four years is among the most awarded by the Italian guides.

Among the international experts, there were a lot of big names: the French journalist and wine writer for Le Figaro, Bernard Burtschy; the wine writer for Wine Searcher and American opinion leader, Blake Gray; the former head of the Michelin Guide and editor for the Chinese version of the Financial Times, Bob Miao; the sommelier of the restaurant group Batali & Bastianich in New York, Sara Olocco; the manager of the Gourmet Alliance (chain of Italian restaurants in Russia), Alexandra Alexandrova.

"Together with Vinitaly, the Project Vino di Collisioni in Jesi is the most important event of the year - said the director of the Istituto Marche di Tutela Vini, Alberto Mazzoni - which comes after a path of internationalization done together with Ian D'agate and at the Indigena World Tour on the main US squares (New York and San Francisco) and before the international stop in London, scheduled for October 5th. Next days will be an important step that answers to our goals of increasing international awareness, a keystone for the Verdicchio market in the medium and long term ".

For Ian D'Agata, senior editor of Vinous and scientific director of Indigena: «The path we are taking with the Istituto Marche di Tutela Vini confirms every year the great international  interest for Verdicchio, a white wine with freshness and structure, but with a great aging capacity. An important quality that places the Marche region white wine production among the great whites of the world - easy to be noticed looking at the high number of requests to participate in this event. The meeting in the Marche region represents an enormous opportunity for communication and visibility also for all the other regional wines and for the Region itself, which thanks to the driving force of Verdicchio has now the opportunity to be known, discovered and appreciated ».

In 10 years, said the maxi-consortium of the Marche region director, which has 472 members and 15 denominations, the Verdicchio production has strengthened in the area but has decreased in the number of companies: today 2/3 of the grapes are transformed by individual companies and only 1/3 by cooperatives, with 57% of the grapes concentrated in 38 companies with areas exceeding 10 hectares. And if the cooperative system dominated the market in 2006, today the market is the prerogative of the individual producers (60%), against a drastic drop also of the bottlers outside the area, which went from 36% to 9%.

The golden card for the future, seems to be the natives wines, with 45% of Italians choosing them as  “wines of the future” as the green ones (organic, 38%, sustainable, 18%). "The white wines are showing all their versatility - said the director of the Istituto Marchigiano Protezione Vino, Alberto Mazzoni - and the Italians like them because they are the result of grapes very different from each other and able to show the variety and the different characteristics of our vineyard. With Verdicchio, which has versatility its winning weapon, we have also worked hard on its longevity: the results are surprising for freshness and structure but above all because they lend themselves to combinations unthinkable until some time ago ».

Thirty-three companies involved in the 4 tastings reserved for guests:
Belisario, Bisci, Boccafosca, Bucci, Casalfarneto, Colognola, Colonnara, Coroncino, Crespaia, Fattoria Forano, Fattoria Nannì, Fazi Battaglia, Felici, Filodivino, Garofoli, Giovanni Giusti, La Staffa, Lucangeli Aymerich, Lucchetti, Marotti Campi, Moncaro, Montecappone, Pievalta, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Stefano Mancinelli, Tenuta dell’Ugolino, Terre di Serrapetrona, Tenuta di Tavignano, Tenute Pieralisi, Umani Ronchi, Vicari, Vignamato.

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