September, time for "la remise en forme" - Homemade beauty

If during the summer you gave into some more vice, September is the right month for your "remise en forme" to be ready to face the new season..

First of all, it is necessary to smooth and rehydrate the body and face skin, stressed by the sun exposure and by the sea and pool bathing.

Honey is the most important ingredient to restore skin nourishment and tone.

«For a rehydrating and nourishing mask, you can apply honey mixed with a crushed banana all over your face - explains Marzia Fava, of beauty studio of Osimo - Thi is an excellent remedy for dry and dehydrated skin. If you have dark marks, you can add lemon juice to the mask, in order to obtain a lightining and healing effect that makes the skin brighter. The mask should be applied with a brush, excluding the eyes and lips, without forgetting the neck. For oily skins, the best ingredient is kiwi. Add a couple of them to your mask, being careful to crush them properly and mix them evenly with honey. The effect on the face is astringent and purifying. Leave it on for about ten minutes, then rinse with water. Use your  and swabbed with a towel and then passed the cream ».

For sensitive skins, and for the ones with couperose, "the main ingredient is always the honey - the beautician specifies - with the addition of lemon juice and four or five crushed strawberries. The effect on the skin is decongestant. For reddened skins, you can prepare a chamomile infusion and, after letting it cool in the fridge, use cotton pad to apply it your face and eyes. You should leave them in place for about ten minutes. For those who want a lifting effect, egg white mixed with honey is excellent. Also in this case it is left in pose for about twenty minutes. The egg white, very proteinic and restructuring».

Once obtained the mask,you should applied it immediately because it's made with natural products and does not have preservatives.

To renew body skin after the summer, a good exfoliation with extra virgin olive oil, salt, honey and yoghurt is free and very helpful. «If you want a delicate peeling, mix the salt with extra virgin olive oil. If your skin is thicker you can use coarse salt - Marzia Fava says - these ingredients can also be added with lemon juice and orange for a toning effect. Massage the whole body with this mix, insisting on elbows and knees, where the skin is thickened. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse under the shower. This peeling is also excellent for the feet, and should be massaged longer on the heels and on the areas qith calluses. Once rinsed, you can apply extra virgin olive oil on your feet and leaving it on all night under cotton socks ».

Even the breast needs care: "the perfect mask for the area of the décolleté is prepared by mixing honey, yogurt, orange juice and brewer's yeast, for a redensifying effect - precise - The yeast is dissolved in a little warm water and it mixes with the other ingredients, then it is applied to the breast and left on for about twenty minutes. Then rinse and apply extra virgin olive oil mixed with a few drops of water to make it absorb better ».

For the hands and feet nails, in case of yellowing, «the hand-washing and foot baths based on bicarbonate and lemon juice are excellent - concludes - then massage an excellent coconut oil, which facilitates the growth of strong and healthy nails, it also strengthens the ungueal matrix, protecting it from external agents such as mycoses, especially if associated with the essential tea tree oil which is an excellent natural antibiotic ».

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