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Christmas is coming on Make In Marche!

We are setting up our online showcase to offer you an unforgettable Christmas.

A little spoiler? We have created solutions for all tastes!

The enogastronomical baskets are made by combining Marche's flavors. Sweet tooth? No doubts, you will appreciate our jams, selected honey, artisanal cookies and sweet wines! Better salty? There will be the plenty of excellences! Cheeses, pasta, sauces ... all combined with our regional wines.

There will be no lack of gift ideas for the most vain, presents for those who want to take care of themselves, with face creams and body products. For those who want to feel the Marche's scents, there will be the Conero eau de parfum and home essences. All you have to do is choose the gift for you and your loved ones!

Stay tuned!

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