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Santa Claus and the marchigiana letter

A few days ago we wrote you how to find Santa Claus in the Marche region and how to celebrate this magical holiday season around. Today we will talk a bit of Santa Claus and what to put in the little letter for him, even if you are no longer a child!

Santa Claus, in his red and white suit, is the Christmas figure par excellence. There are two main legends about him: Children love the story of a Santa Claus who lives under the Lappish snow and spends time building toys with his elf friends. The adults look with more interest at the historical origin of Santa Claus, who would take inspiration from St. Nicholas, one of the patron saints of Italy.

The faith of Bishop Nicola was put to the test by Roman persecutions, but without ever wavering his faith. In his life Nicola was a good man and took great care of the children and that is why, in many cities and areas of Northern Europe, people began to celebrate St. Nicholas exchanging presents. With the Protestant reform, which abolished the adoration of the Saints, it was decided, however, to make the Jesus the bearer of gifts. In many traditions, St. Nicholas remained next to him to help him out. With the discovery of America and the consequent migration, Saint Nicola, or Santa Claus, was exported, becoming the protagonist of numerous stories, gradually creating an image the image of him we have nowadays.

To make him come to your homes, however, you must first send the famous letter, full of your dreams and desires for Christmas. You must send it to:
Santa Claus
Joulupukin Pajakylä - Arctic Circle
96930 Napapiiri, Finland.

Now we have to ask you: have you already prepared your letter full of wishes and gifts? no? Well, it's about time!

Make in Marche will give you some gluttonous advices and a little inspiration to fill in the letter of delicacies from the Marche region!

Of course we recommend our Christmas boxes: they are gourmet boxes that always contain high quality and certified products perfectly matched to each other.

For example, the box "The Taste of the Conero" contains all the fragrances of our beloved Monte Conero: the wild Portonovo mussels sauce, slowfood presidium; Spaghetti Senatore Cappelli by Carla Latini, created with ancient grains; the Verdicchio D.o.C. of the Castelli di Jesi, which fits perfectly with the moscioli; extra virgin olive oil with chilli, to give a little spicy flavor to this and many other dishes.

For thoso who are not afraid to dare, we recommend the "Eccentric Marchigiano". Pecorino di Fossa Cheese D.O.P., perfect to be combine with aged acacia honey; Rosso di Offida DOCG perfect to give a further sprint to this combination, as well as the IdroMiele, honeyed alcoholic beverage.

For those who do not want to give up more traditional Italian Christmas flavors, there is the "Sweet Christmas" series, with chocolate and nougat, that will delight those with a sweet tooth. Handmade Panettone from our region, nougat or chocolate cream, biscuits and gooseberry jam, as well as an excellent bottle of Vernaccia Dolce, a sweet wine.

For those who are not convinced of an entire box, here is a list of delicious and chic little products.

A hot chocolate is perfect! Just heat the milk and add the preparation to obtain one / two cups of exquisite chocolate, classic, with cinnamon or chili pepper.

For Italian olive oil lovers, in our dedicated section you will find the monovarietal olive oils of raggia and leccino or the aromatized oils, perfect to give a final touch to your dishes: extra virgin olive oil with basil, garlic, with rosemary, ... so on and so forth!

Also a bottle of wine is always a great idea. In our online wine shop there are any type, price and cellar. Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno, Verdicchio di Matelica and Castelli di jesi, Vernaccia and sour cherry wine, ... and much more!

Are you ready to write the letter to Santa Claus? Fast, we have already given you the address!


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