Detox without giving up the taste

After the Christmas binge eating, it is necessary to get rid of the excessive sugars and fats eaten with panettone, cotechini and tortellini pasta in broth. We know that good habits start from our eating tables, so here are some suggestions to deal with this detox period in a proper way.

The ideal is to eat a lot of vegetables, even better if cruciferous, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages and savoy cabbage. Cruciferous vegetables support kidneys and liver, organs at the forefront of toxin disposal. Cauliflower for example is a food with low starch and a low glycemic index. Furthermore, it has few calories, which makes it a perfect food for those who are trying to loose extra pounds. Another ally is fennel, which helps to control hunger thanks to its high quantity of water which increases the sense of satiety. These vegetables can also be cooked but when raw, they preserve the best vitamins for our body. Fennel, for example, becomes very good if tasted with some pinzimonio but it is also perfect in the oven with some bread crumbs. Broccoli, instead, is the ideal ingredient to season pasta, with the addition of some chili pepper.

In addition to vegetables, legumes are strongly recommended. With few calories, they manage to satiate with taste. Lentils, for example, are rich in enzymes that slow down the absorption of glucose, which makes them particularly useful for diabetics. They are also rich in proteins and fibers, which promote the proliferation of a good bacterial flora. In case you find them difficult to digest, just keep them soaked in plain water the night before and rinse them before cooking them. The lentils are perfect both in soups, and cooked simply with a little tomato and a pinch of chilli pepper. To combine the benefits of cruciferous vegetables and those of lentil, you can create a soup with cabbage, cut into strips, and Castelluccio lentils. Lentils can also substitute minced meat in meatballs thanks to their strong flavor and good protein content.

To avoid adding salt or fat condiments in your dishes, it is good to use pepper or spices, such as turmeric, which gives a stronger flavor to the dish without adding any salt.

For those who can not give up sweeties, a good ally is definitely honey, rich in vitamins and trace elements, deserves to enter our tables even in detox periods. Honey is an energetic food composed in simple sugars (fructose-glucose) easily digestibles. It contains enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and antibiotic-like substances. It has less calories than sugar but a greater sweetening power. Besides this, it is an excellent ally in cold winter days as it soothes irritated throat.

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