The Valentine's Day trip into Le Marche flavours

Valentine's Day is approaching! Yes, you should love your partner all the year round, but it is fun to take a day off and celebrate, isn’t it?
There are many gifts you can buy but Make in Marche thinks a gift always much more appreciated is the tasty one!

For this reason, we have prepared with the chef Luca Zamparini a series of menus that you can easily recreate at home. In 48 hours we will send you the wonderful package, containing every ingredient you will need to recreate the delicacies. We will send you the precise recipe to follow too!

The menus have the name of the Love Gods, to create the right atmosphere from the very first moment. Let's discover the menus and a little bit of the gods!

Aphrodite’s menu

The Greek Aphrodite, born from the sea, is the goddess of beauty, love and spring. Aphrodite’s divine power is based on love, as intercourse. The goddess was often honored at the end of important enterprises in Lucullian "Aphrodisias" parties, loved by sailors who, back home, used to venerate the goddess at the end of their journey.

For her indissoluble bond with the sea, the Aphrodite’s menu we chose the fish as the main protagonist

Eros’ Menu

The Greek Eros is the physical love and desire god. In the cosmogonies, he is represented as a primordial god involved in the creation of the cosmos itself. In later sources, he is represented as the son of Aphrodite: in Athens, in fact, Eros shared the cult with his mother and he was so popular that the fourth day of each month was dedicated to him.

For Eros we have chosen not to abandon the sea altogether, creating a the menu using the marine fennel, the “spaccasasso”, which grow on Mount Conero’s slopes. 

Cupid’s menu

Cupido (or Amor) is the Latin transposition of Eros. In the figurative arts of the Italian Renaissance, it appears as a plump winged child, with a cherub face, with a bow and arrows that flings against men and gods, making them love victims. Mischievous and capricious, he created many love trubles.

Cupid’s menu has a strong flavor as the handcrafted beer jelly and the Pecorino cheese with herbs.

Freyja’s Menu

Freyja is a deity of Norse mythology. Her name in Old Norse means "lady" and she is considered a strong goddess, of sexual love, beauty, gold, seduction and fertility. Among her many peculiarities, Freia includes that of the expert in the magical arts, with which she could realize divination and spells at a distance.

For his menu, we have chosen strong tastes as the one of the Pecorino di Fossa cheese, and the Rosso Conero red wine

Parvati’s Menu

Parvati is a goddess of Hinduism, Siva’s wife and Ganesh and Skanda’s mother. Parvati is considered a benevolent goddess, always portrayed together with her husband Siva. Which she completes. In Saundarya Lahiri, a famous literary work about the goddess, she is the source of all powers in the Universe. In Hinduism religion, she is particularly revered by married women who pray for health and longevity for their husbands.

For her menu, we chose delicate and apparrently simply ingredients that complement each other, just like Parvati and Siva.

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