The 3 most romantic places in Le Marche

Have you already ordered your Valentine's day menu, but would you also like to bring your soul mate somewhere breathtaking?

 Here are some romantic ideas to surprise your loved one, using the advantage of the beauty of Le Marche region.

1. A walk down to the Port of Senigallia with Penelope

Ménage a trois? au contraire! Penelope is the statue's name that you find at Senigallia's east pier. It recalls the mythical figure of Penelope of the Odyssea, the wife of Ulysses who hopefully waited for the return of her beloved Ulysses, to Ithaca. Senigallia has seen departures and returns from the sea, and each citizen has been touched by these sea trips. Penelope watches over couples, protecting their love promises. For these reasons, during the year, hundreds of couples go to Penelope's statue to renew their love.  Some couples hang there a lock, as a symbol of their indissoluble bond 

2. Look together at the horizon, from the Colle dell'infinito in Recanati

The poet Giacomo Leopardi, the great marchigian poet, has made Recanati famous in Italy and in the world. A walk through the places of his tormented love, which inspired his wonderful poems, is a great idea. The place we recommend the most it is the walk on the "Colle dell'Infinito", the hill of the Infinity. From this little mountain, Leopardi admired nature and spoke to the moon. On the horizon you can admire the Monti Sibillini and Le Marche hinterland, enjoying a deep contact with nature and silence. The Colle dell'Infinito really is a poetic and romantic place.

3. Rediscover the love of Paolo and Francesca in Gradara

"Amor, ch'a nullo amato amar perdona, mi prese del costui piacer sì forte che, comve vedi, ancor non m'abbandona". This is how Dante Alighieri described the powerful love between Paolo and Francesca in the fifth Canto of the "Inferno", the hell, in the Divine Comedy. Paolo e Francesca were brothers in law and their love led them to death at the hands of Francesca's husband. The story took place right in the castle of Gradara. Gradara is a unique village, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Thanks to its privileged position, you can enjoy a breathtaking view that sweeps from the Adriatic sea to the hills of Montefeltro, in a blend of legend and reality.

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