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Make in Marche invited to the BIT event in Milan!

A few days ago, Make in Marche was invited to participate to the BIT, the International Tourism Exchange event. On this occasion, Tipicità and its partners from Le Marche region met the press to anticipate the 2019 program, full of events and innovations.

the Fermo Festival will open this year.  At its twenty-seventh edition, the Festival will be held from 9 to 11 March at the Fermo Forum. The Festival, as stated by Francesco Trasatti, Deputy Mayor of Fermo, for almost three decades proves to be able to create a network within the Marche region and to develop links with multiple national and international realities. The city center of Fermo will be connected to the Festival through "Tipicità in the city" palimpsest, a sort of "after festival" that will involve museums, commercial activities, and attractions of the city of Fermo primarily about food and tourism. In fact, Tipicità is focusing a lot on what we can offer in terms of "Italian living": attention to the organic, to food and wine routes, to biodiversity and to niche products.

From May 16 to 19 Tipicità will instead be in Ancona that will host the sixth edition of "Tipicità in Blu". On this occasion, the city of Ancona will focus not only on enogastronomy and tourism but also on culture, strengthening international relations, shipbuilding, and port shipping, as the Deputy Mayor Pierpaolo Sediari states. The maritime cuisine will be the center of attention, with the "Blu Village" set up in front of the fish market. 

From May to November, also the Marche Grand Tour, the circuit that tells the Marche through the food and wine events and the "know how". The goal of the Grand Tour is to bring people to venture into the territory in a deeper way, through experiences, festive and authentic atmospheres that also focus on the wisdom of manual skills throughout the Marche region.


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