Le Marche's pasta: the Maccheroncini of Campofilone IGP

Le Marche has always been a region with an excellent production of cereals because of its favorable microclimate. Because of this flourishing production of soft grains and hard grains, over the years many traditional pasta factories have been born throughout the region - le Marche pasta tradition is very rich and goes well with the rustic recipes that have always characterized le Marche, influenced by neighboring regions too.

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The Maccheroncini of Campofilone, recognized as an IGP product since 2013, are worth to mention. They have been known since ancient times: in the 15th century, in the correspondence of the Campofilone Abbey we find a quotation that describes them: "fine fine maccheroncini, so delicate that melt in your mouth"; in 1560 they are cited in a document of the Council of Trent; in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they appear in various recipe books of the Stelluti Scala e Vinci accounts.

They are produced exclusively in the town of Campofilone, in the province of Fermo, respecting the strict traditional recipe. They are distinguished from other regional pastries because kneaded with ten eggs for each kilo of durum wheat flour or double zero soft wheat, without adding water. Their shape, long and fine as hairs makes them famous all over the world. Their consistency and their high porosity given by the many eggs, makes them perfect both in broth and dry as they retain the flavors of the broth and the sauce perfectly.

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