Agresto, the grape sauce

Already known by the ancient Romans, who used grape sauces as wine or vinegar, the “agresto” was used to prepare the most common dishes. A long tradition that continues until the last years of the nineteenth century, then it was set aside.

The “agresto” takes its name from the “gresta” grape, which is the one on the highest tree branches, not ripe at the time of harvest. Small, green and hard grains that the peasants picked at the end of November to make an acid-based sauce, used to flavor boiled vegetables, potatoes and onions. Sometimes the agresto was cut with boiled must to obtain a sweet and sour sauce.

La Bona Usanza in Serra de’ Conti has rediscovered this ancient tradition and proposes it in its sweet and sour version. The “agresto” looks like a dense syrup, dark in color, with a flavor dominated by a sour note that slowly reveal sweet caramel sensations, given by the cooked must.

Delicious taste, gorgeous in many preparations where the sweet and sour taste is good, as in grilled meats or beef bresaola. Made with natural ingredients, as the ancient recipe requests.

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