Seasonal fruits and vegetables: July grocery shopping

Sun and warm weather. Summers is here and the fields are colored with thousand shades. July, among the other, is one of the most generous month and it offers everything that our bodies need to endure the heat.

Fruits and vegetables are rich of water, mineral salts and vitamins, which help to fight dehydration, while the yellow products of the vegetable garden contribute to get the tan.


Watermelons, made up of 92% water, are so thirst-quenching. Rich in water are also peaches, which help to lose excess liquids. Among the most caloric fruits, there are the figs, which also boast laxative properties. Mines of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and C and A vitamin, the plums also contribute to counteract constipation.

Allied to the tan for the high content of beta-carotene, melon and apricot: the former is also rich in iron, while the apricots contain lycopene, a substance that helps fight cholesterol.

Precious source of antioxidant, cherries that are an excellent source of vitamin B and minerals such as iron and magnesium.


Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are the richest vegetables in water and mineral salts. They are literally a mine of moisturizing and antioxidant substances, which help fight dehydration, fatigue and aging. Also rich in water are the zucchini, which contain a good percentage of C and E vitamins. The aubergines are instead a good source of potassium that make them useful in contrasting heat and fatigue, while the peppers are among the richest in C vitamin.

To take fiber, beans and radishes are the best choice. Beans have also a good amount of C and A vitamins, while radishes have a low glycemic index and low in calories. Peas are among the most digestible legumes of the season due to their low starch content, but they are also the richest in vitamins and minerals.

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