Are you ready for the sun? Here’s how to have a safe sun exposure!

The sun: friend or foe? It all depends on how you expose and protect yourself. It’s proven that the sun has beneficial effects: it contributes to counteract depression and helps to fix calcium in the bones thanks to the D vitamin produced by the sun.


What about our skin? Well, the sun ages and we can’t tiptoe around that. However, there’s no need to despair because there are plenty of weapons to use the sun benefits, avoiding the risks.

First thing first, you should not to expose yourself for a long period of time, while you should protect yourself with adequate filters and avoid the midday hours. They’re quite obvious advices, but it’s always important to remember them!


AVOID SUNBURN – Your skin is likely to develop serious diseases if not adequately protected. Wrinkles and premature aging are the firsts visible damages but, in case of repeated burns, there is even the risk of skin cancer. It is therefore extremely important to protect oneself with adequate filters and to renew the protection after each swim. The sun creams with ALOE VERA Elisir del Conero are rich in substances which bring nourishment and hydration to the face and body skin. Moreover, their filters guarantee an excellent protection against UV radiation.You should put protection even on your lips, they are very vulnerable because of their low serum production. Spread sunscreen on your bare skin at home, without any clothes on, is a good precaution: in this way you can protect the whole body, even the area where there’s the bathing suit. Let’s not forget nose, ears and feet and to wear a hat to repair our head and avoid the sunstroke. Let’s not forget nose, ears and feet and to wear a hat to repair our head and avoid the sunstroke. Sorbatti's hats as well as repairing hair and head from the sun, give the right touch of fashion to be perfect on the beach. If you wear a beachweare Marybloom too, then you will be gorgeous!


CLOUDS DO NOT REPAIR FROM RADIATION – Even if it’s a cloudy day, solar radiation are there. Clouds are not able to block UV rays, that’s why you should use sunscreen even if you’re in the shade.


APPLY YOUR SUNSCREEN MORE THAN ONCE – Even the best waterproof sun cream doesn’t last all day. Repeated swims, sweat, sports and prolonged sun exposure, reduce its protective action. It’s important to apply the sunscreen frequently to avoid the risk of sun burns.


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